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Local Calling to Lake Wales: 679-4441

Long Distance Callers Only: 1-866-679-4441



What is B-Mail?

B-Mail is a home delivery service available to all library customers who reside within Polk County. Books and materials are mailed to customers whose library membership is in good standing. Some restrictions may apply.

Is B-Mail expensive?

No! B-Mail is a low cost, easy way to receive PCLC materials. In fact B-Mail delivery to your home is free! When the title you've requested is located it will be delivered to the address listed on your library account.

The return of books and materials is the responsibility of the customer. B-Mail materials must be returned to one of the 18 Polk County Library Cooperative sites, including PCLC's Bookmobile. Materials may be returned during regular library business hours or in the after hours drop boxes available at most sites. For a complete list of PCLC locations click here. To view a schedule of PCLC Bookmobile stops click here.

B-Mail items may also be returned via US Postal Mail. The cost of return postage is your responsibility. A return mail label is included with each package delivered to your home. You may use the mailing bag and the provided label to return the item(s).

How can I request B-Mail deliveries to my home?

There are several ways to request B-Mail delivery.

Visit the PCLC Online B-Mail Catalog. The first time you use this service begin by clicking the "Account Information" tab. Login in with your library card number and personal ID Number assigned by your library. Next, click "Borrower Information," found at the top right of your screen. Please confirm that all information is correct, especially your mailing address. Once you've confirmed your personal information, click on the "Books by Mail" Tab and begin searching. You may request ten items per eligible library card via B-Mail at a time. Additional materials may be checked out at any PCLC public library.

Or, Call the B-Mail line, at 863-679-4441 (toll-free long distance 1-866-679-4441), and request materials via telephone for home delivery.

Or, email your request to

Or, Visit any PCLC Library site and request materials via home delivery.

I am unable to place requests for B-Mail. Why?

If you have fines or fees of $10 or more on your card this will prevent a B-Mail request from being completed.

If the total number of library materials currently checked out to you is at the library's limit your request may not be processed.

You already have ten items checked out or requested via B-Mail.

The status of the item you've requested has changed and is now not available.

I've successfully placed a request for home delivery via B-Mail. When will I receive it?

There are a lot of factors that determine when you will receive your request. If the item is on a shelf you should receive the request within 10 days. This is, of course, subject to delivery by the US Postal Service.

If the item you've requested is currently checked out to another library customer the delivery time will be longer. B-Mail customers should expect a minimum10 day turn around time.

Are there other restrictions to B-Mail?

Books and audiobooks are checked out for 21 days. There are no renewals.

Movies are lent for 10 days. Only one renewal of materials is allowed. Not all PCLC libraries lend their movies via B-Mail.

If a library customer has two consecutive overdue B-Mail orders this privilege is suspended for a period of six months.

If the US Postal Service makes two consecutive unsuccessful attempts to deliver materials to an address this address will no longer be considered a viable address.

If packages are delivered to an address and the items are removed from the mailbox by a person other than the listed recipient or their approved agent, this address will no longer be considered safe for delivery. B-Mail privileges will not be continued until a safer delivery option is established.

Are there special home delivery services available for individuals who are unable to leave their home due to a medical condition?

B-Mail originated for people who were unable to drive to a Polk County Library Cooperative site. If you, a friend or loved one have a condition that prevents driving a form for free delivery and return is available. Click here to download the form. Print it and have an approved medical professional sign to verify the condition. Once this is complete free delivery and return is available. These forms may also be mailed to customers.

B-Mail is a unique new service, funded by Polk County Library Community Investment Dollars, with the support from Polk County Library Cooperative member libraries.